13/0 1 Cut Metallic Chrome Terra Colorfast Czech Glass CHARLOTTE Seed Beads 10 Grams (CS140)

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These seed beads are from Preciosa's colorfast "Terra Line." They can be washed in the washer up to a temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit or 30 degrees Centigrade and they will not loose their luster or color, nor break easily. This is because they have been designed for the clothing industry. These beautiful metallic seed beads offer a long lasting durable finish.

You will receive 1 - 10 gram package of 1-cut metallic chrome Terra colorfast size 13/0 (1.5mm) Czech glass CHARLOTTE seed beads. All measurements approximate.

3000 to 3200 beads per 10 gram package. Approx. 27 beads per inch.